Are Premium Forex EAs 100% Profitable?


Even the most efficient soap kills only 99.99% of bacteria! So how can your premium Forex EA guarantee 100% profit? 

We know this can be quite mind-boggling as a Forex trader because many services nowadays promise 100% profitable results. This creates an unrealistic approach toward Forex trading and causes traders to invest hefty amounts in premium services. Traders find themselves confused about the profitability of premium Forex EAs. 

Are these premium Forex EAs 100% accurate? How should you evaluate a reliable Forex EA?

Today’s article will answer whether premium Forex EAs are 100% profitable and whether you should invest in them. We are sure all your doubts will be cleared by the end.

To get your question answered, keep reading until the end.

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Are Premium Forex EAs 100% Profitable?


Firstly, we should evaluate all the reasons if premium Forex EAs are 100% profitable or not before making a verdict of our own.

Following are some points you should remember about the profitability of Forex EAs before investing in them.


  1. No Amount of Money Can Buy Accuracy 


It’s better to accept this fact as early as possible that no money can buy 100% profitable trades. We need to clear this misconception, or you will end up trapped in this loop of high price and performance.

As a trader, you need to know that there are no guarantees on anything. The same thing can be said for Forex EAs, so you should lower your expectations. Whether you use premium or free Forex EAs, they cannot provide you with 100% profitable results. Profit calculations depend on many other factors in the Forex market. 

The Forex market is volatile and influenced by many factors, and 100% profitable trades are impossible to find. However, you can expect Forex EA’s accuracy to be close but still not 100% accurate because they cannot predict the future with absolute certainty. So it’s better to use free ones if you’re not getting 100% profitable trades with hefty prices of Forex EAs.

Moving on to the next point:



  1. Profits Depend Upon Technical Analysis



A good technical analysis is a significant part of Forex EAs being close to accurate. Paying a premium doesn’t guarantee good technical analysis of trades.

Technical analysis doesn’t depend upon premium; you might find free Forex EAs with better technical analysis, which is what a Forex trader like you needs. You don’t need words or self-proclaimed guarantees; you need real-time results. 

So instead of evaluating Forex EAs with the price points, it’s better to consider them on their technical analysis criteria. You should always go with EAs that provide better technical analysis because it’s the first step to finding profitable trades. 

Up next, on number 3, we will talk about:

  1. Count Fundamental Factors of the Market


The biggest drawback of premium Forex EAs is that they don’t count fundamental factors while evaluating trades.

This is the one thing where all Forex EAs fall short; they completely ignore fundamental analysis while evaluating a trade. Only evaluating trades based on technical analysis cannot help you find the most profitable results. The Forex market is influenced by many factors, some of which are political, governmental policies, biased lobbies, and economic conditions. Technical analysis can only provide you with results based on past trading data. 

However, the Forex market is more than just past trading data, so you need to count fundamental analysis in finding profitable trades. No EA, whether premium or free, can provide you with fundamental analysis. Thus, it is better to use free Forex EAs for technical analysis, and fundamental analysis can be done by yourself.

Up next, on number 4, we have:

  1. The Same Features Can be Found in Free Forex EA




Most traders believe that premium Forex EAs provide more features than free Forex EAs, which leads them to invest heavy amounts in premium Forex EAs.

You need to understand that all Forex EAs are programmed for the same purpose and have almost the same features. So you should look for Forex EA with the most trading features present in it. All These features will help you earn a respectable amount in Forex trading. 

Following are some of the most common features found in Forex EAs

  • 24 Hours Automated Trading

The most essential feature of any Forex EA is automated trading to save traders time.

Unlike humans, Forex EAs don’t have moral obligations which allow them to trade 24 hours automatically, which is impossible for humans.

Another feature that you must look for in a Forex EA is the following:

  • Stop-Loss Features

If the price of your asset falls free without your availability, then you need a stop-loss feature that can save your trading budget. You can just pass the parameters for stop-loss on which you want your EA to auto-sell your currency to protect your account from liquidating.

The next mind-blowing feature of reliable EAs is:


  • Diversifying Portfolio with Different Assets


The best feature present in Forex EA is diversifying the trading portfolio by providing insights for different assets and currency pairs. Quality traders never depend on a single asset; they try to diversify their investment into other assets, so if one underperforms, the others can cover up the loss.


Wrapping Up!


After discussing all the factors about the profitability of premium Forex signals, we think we now have a more refined answer to the question. 


Are these premium Forex EAs 100% accurate? The short and sweet answer after evaluating the reasons is ‘no.’ They cannot provide 100% profitable results no matter how expensive they are. You must accept that nothing can guarantee 100% fruitful or accurate results.


Generating profitable results requires just more than a premium Forex EA. You need to know that other factors affecting the Forex market can influence the profitability of trades executed by your Forex EA. 

You should also consider the factors like fundamental analysis, which are not being assessed by Forex EAs. Since premium Forex EAs and free ones provide the same features, we recommend you use the free ones.

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